Our Financial Planning services are provided by a Certified Financial Planner professional using our unique fee-only compensation structure (see Pricing). What makes our fee-only arrangements special? We believe our compensation should be linked to delivery of guidance, rather than product sales. Clients only pay for time when we are working specifically for them.

NOTE: Financial planners receive compensation for their time and services under various payment arrangements. Fee-only is not the same as fee-based compensation. Visit the CFP Board website (http://www.cfp.net/learn/knowledgebase.asp?id=5) to read about the differences.

Our financial planning process is thorough, looking at all aspects of the client’s financial life, identifying appropriate actions, and guiding the client toward a more robust financial foundation. Of course, we realize that sometimes a client just needs a few questions answered, rather than a comprehensive plan, so, we offer time with a CFP Practitioner by the hour.

Always be sure to ask a Financial Advisor for a copy of their:

Part 2A & 2B of Form ADV Firm Brochure 2022

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