During the initial engagement, clients will execute a Service Agreement, identifying one of the following Financial Planning services. Fee payment is due when the Service Agreement is signed, before any work is started. The Service Agreement has a term of one-year. However, the Investment Plan, Retirement Plan, and Comprehensive Plan will be completed within a few weeks of Service Agreement date.

$275 per hour (one hour minimum)
 $1,800 for an Investment Plan or a Retirement PlanInvestment Plan: reviewing current account structure and positions, defining asset allocation, designing portfolio, researching investments, and developing recommendations

Retirement Plan: determining liquidity needs, identifying income sources, assessing debt structure, evaluating timing choices, developing withdrawal strategies, outlining recommendations

 $3,800 for a Comprehensive Plan, including Investment and Retirement Plans, plus determining tax reduction strategies, evaluating employee benefits or stock options, mapping career transition, determining education savings methods, outlining family and charitable gifting, enhancing estate transfer tactics, reviewing mortgage alternatives, and evaluating risk mitigation coverage, etc.