When the client wants EQUIPOISE to oversee their investment accounts (no minimum imposed), an Investment Management Service Agreement must be signed. Setup fees are due when service agreement is signed. Clients who already have Schwab Institutional accounts linked to the EQUIPOISE master account will only be assessed setup fees when additional accounts are added.

Account Maintenance: This service includes informing client of maturing securities, recommending replacement positions, identifying idle cash and suggesting appropriate investments, realizing gains/losses when appropriate, reviewing corporate actions, setting up cash transfers and distributions in accordance with client requests.

Portfolio Reviews: Client can request a portfolio review at any time. The update provides visibility to historic performance data and provides a foundation to refine asset allocation and tweak investment choices.

NOTE: To retain a Schwab Institutional account through EQUIPOISE, Investment Management clients must arrange a portfolio review at least once every twenty-four months.

NOTE: To avoid the need for multiple Service Agreements, any Financial Planning support requested by Investment Management clients will be provided under the fees assessed for their active service agreement.