Setup Fees:

# of Accounts Setup Fees (see note below):
 1  $320
 2  $550
 3  $675
 4+  $750

NOTE: Setup fees are waived for existing Schwab clients who are changing advisors (LPOA required). These clients may select one of our Renewal options.

This fee covers implementation of Schwab portion of Investment Plan and account maintenance for one year.  After the first year, IM clients can select one of the renewal service fee arrangements.

Renewal Fees:

Prepaid Packages: Clients can select one of the account maintenance and portfolio reviews prepaid packages.

 2 hours  $460 $230/hour Payable at first anniversary
 5 hours  $1,000 $200/hour Payable in two sequential quarters
 Annual  $3,000 $165/hour Payable quarterly via auto-pay ($750/quarter)
 Asset Value  0.50%  < $500,000 Payable quarterly (Minimum $250)
 0.35%  > $500,000 Payable quarterly

NOTE: Investment Management clients must authorize fee payment from Schwab accounts.