Base Fees For Personal Tax Returns, including state of residence return and e-filing:
Federal Form 1040, including Schedules A & B  $230
Federal Form 1040A  $170
Federal Form 1040EZ  $150
Federal Form 1040X $150
Base Fees For Business Tax Returns:
Federal Form 1120 US Corporations  $550
Federal Form 1120A US Corporations  $430
Federal Form 1120S S-Corporations  $550
Federal Form 1065 Partnerships $550
Base Fees for Fiduciary Returns:
Form 706 Estate $1,000
Form 709 Gift $300
Federal Form 1041  $550
Additional Fees:
First-year Setup Charge  from $100
Out of State Returns  $150 each
Tax audit response/representation varies
Return replacement copies $30

NOTE: A processing fee is assessed for Electronic Filing of Business and Fiduciary Returns.